Search for Truth - Lesson 1
As taught by Bob Morgans - (Click Here for Video)

Greetings in Jesus Name!

The lesson that weíre going to teach today is Lesson Number 1 from Search for Truth.† The theme of the Old Testament is Expectation and Longing.† The theme is ďOh, that I knew where I might find him.Ē Job 23:3

The theme of the Old Testament was to find Jesus.† They didnít know at the time who they were looking for.† They were looking for the Messiah.† Adam and Eve were looking for someone to come that would put them back in the garden.† The Old Testament scriptures covers 3,600 years with 400 silent years at the end of the Old Testament.† God was waiting on his timetable. God has a timetable and thatís what we are looking at in the scriptures.

I understand that my audience is pastors and teachers.† People that already understand the scriptures or know most of the Biblical stories.† Itís not my intent in this series to try to teach you the stories.† You already know the stories.† But to help you outline these stories in such a way that it leads you to the right Jesus.† You say ďHow could I get to the wrong Jesus?Ē† Itís fairly easy to get to the wrong Jesus.† Recently as I was traveling to Indianapolis and I looked on a map to see how I could get there.† Iím coming from Kansas City, but I went by way of Trenton, Missouri which is out of the way and Iím on a different road than I would normally take.† I have consulted a map that gave me directions to get to the right highway to take me straight to Indianapolis.†† On the way back Iíll take yet a different road because Iíll be going to a different location. In similitude the Bible is a road map, that is its main intent. The whole intent of the Bible is to get us to Jesus. When we get to Jesus then we can live eternally and in fellowship with him in Heaven and then in the New Heaven and the New Earth.† Thatís the intent of the scriptures.† The Old Testament is a schoolmaster that leads us to Christ. If the Old Testament is a schoolmaster that leads us to Christ, then we need to understand what the Old Testament was trying to teach us in order that we can get to Jesus.† I think this is one of the fatal mistakes of manís religious organizations today. They donít look at the Old Testament as a book or as a roadmap that takes them anywhere.† They use the Old Testament scriptures and stories to prove maybe a story of faith or a story of miracles or a story of something of Godsí handiwork regarding the New Testament.†

The Bible was not intended, as we see it, to be that way.† The Bible intended that we go through the Old Testament and if we go through the Old Testament properly then we can arrive at Jesus.† If we just look at the New Testament, we will see many, many verses of scripture written on billboards and highways that would have us go straight to the New Testament to find Jesus.† There is no shortcut for finding Christ or finding the right Christ. When we look at the Old Testament we need to look at it in its entirety.† I donít like to take just one verse and create a doctrine by one verse.† Letís look at the entire picture.† When we look at a painting we donít look at one stroke of the painterís brush and say this one stroke makes this painting.† No, itís the entire strokes, all of them put together that makes the painting of any value at all.† We need to look at the entire scriptures to arrive at the right Christ.† Thus the writer said the Old Testament is a schoolmaster, a teacher, a school teacher that leads us to Jesus.† It also says that the Old Testament is a type and a shadow of things to come.† If you could see me I would show you the shadow of my hand on the chart . You donít know if itís a left hand or a right hand.† You donít know if itís a black hand or white hand. You donít know if itís a fake hand, but you know itís a hand and not a foot. You know itís not a nose.† Itís a hand.† The shadow on the chart would be a hand and nothing more.† Itís easy to tell itís a hand because we know what a hand looks like.† The Old Testament must shadow the New Testament. If we havenít looked at the Old Testament as in a long range picture form then itís impossible for us to know if it shadows anything at all.†

When we look at the Old Testament in a large picture form, thatís what we hope to do is give you a movie form of the Old Testament.† Iím not going to deal with each particular story.† You can go back and study all of the details of each particular story and bring meaning to them. If the Old Testament is a schoolmaster then, Adam and Eve in the garden must be first grade.† And Cain and Abel must be second grade and so on through the scriptures.† We want to show you what God was teaching mankind as he took them through the various grades.† When we arrive in the New Testament we will know what God had taught them and what his intentions of teaching them were in the future grades. There are things we learned in the first grade, principles that still apply to us today.† Weíre not sitting in the first grade chair. We have graduated, but those principles still apply to us and that is what the Old Testament is all about. If we have not allowed the principles of the Old Testament to apply in the New Testament then we arrive at the wrong Christ or may I say at the wrong attitude of Christ or the wrong attitude of God. Thatís what I hope to teach in this series.

When we look at the Old Testament the general view is expectation and longing.† They were looking for a Messiah to come. The Old Testament is not broken up in chronological order.† Otherwise Esther and Nehemiah would be at the end of the Old Testament.† But they are grouped by what was written in that particular book.

The first 5 books are considered the books of the Law written by Moses and they deal primarily with the beginning of time, starting at Genesis through Exodus.† They cover a large portion of the scriptures. The next 12 books are considered History.† They deal with the history of Israel and Godís dealings with them. Nehemiah, and various other ones, Esther, I and II Samuel have some prophecy that referred to Israel, but the primary text was of history. The authors, the people that placed the Bible together, put Joshua through Esther Ė in what is called the history books.† The next five books are considered Poetry. Job through Song of Solomon but they are composed of poetry Ė some wise tips Ė some great things Ė some are history events.† Finally what are called the Prophetic books Ė giving prophecies regarding Israel and Judea and whatís currently† happening with Israel and Judea.† Those books are broken up in what is called Major and Minor prophets. The first five books are called Major because they are longer. Thatís the only difference.† It has no bearing on the validity of what they have to say whether itís a major prophet or minor prophet. Then the next twelve books are considered minor prophets.† They were shorter books with less writings.† The Old Testament covers 3,600 years of man's day. It is broken up into the first five books of the Law, the next 12 books are History, and the next 5 books are Poetry and then the next 17 books are Prophecy.† (5 major and 12 minor.)† The next thing weíre going to deal with as we turn the page on the chart are the days of Creation.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.† I donít know where God came from.† If God wanted us to know he would have let us know.† Let us go†to the days of creation.† The days of creation are very interesting to me. The chart has the 7 days of creation.

1st day -light Ė darkness appeared and so on

2nd day Ė water divided from the water above the earth

3rd day Ė earth, grass, trees brought forth

4th day Ė sun and moon given for light

5th day Ė the sea creatures, the fowls of the air

6th day Ė cattle and first man Adam were created

7th day Ė God rested from all he had made

The thing I want to point out in this particular area is that the Bible states that a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day.† We donít know how long God took in making these particular days.† If God chose to take a thousand years to make each one of these days fine.† It doesnít matter.† We know that God created the trees Ė well, did he create little saplings or seeds?† It would appear that he created a tree.† The tree then would be so many years old at the day he created it or appear to be.† How old was the earth when God created it?† We donít know that.† It doesnít matter how old it was.† God would have created it with all the resources and all the things that it needed to exist in and of itself.† When God created Adam, did he create Adam as a 40 year old man?† Did he create Adam as a 30 year old man?† We donít know exactly but we know he didnít create him as a baby.† We know that he created him as a man.† A man able to reproduce, a man able to be married to Eve within some period of time.† We know he created him at that stage.† All the argument about how old the earth is and all those various things are immaterial.† They are useless arguments that waste our time arguing about things that God never intended for us to argue about or even contemplate.†

Now we want to look then at the days of creation.† I think the significant thing is if a day is a thousand years and a thousand years as a day.† Right now weíre at the end of the 6,000 years of manís day. This is the important thing for us to understand. Then we know that there is a millennial time and weíll deal with that at the end of our lessons (1,000 years of rest).† Man has been in existence as far we can tell for 6,000 years.† There was 4,000 years of time before the New Testament or before Christ came.† And then there has been 2,000 years of time since Christ came, or in that neighborhood, making 6,000 years and we know weíre at the end at this particular dispensation of time preparing to go into the 1,000 years millennial years of peace.†

But the interesting thing is even in the day of creation, God created the earth and the other things that he created. For instance, in the 2nd day the waters were divided from the waters above.† What happened around the 2,000 year period of manís day?† It was Noah and the flood.† The waters came upon the earth and the waters were divided and so on. Then in the 4th day we know that the sun was given for light.† We know that it was at the 4,000 year period that Jesus Christ came on the scene. By this we see that even God in his creation lined up his creation exactly like he intended to deal with man. Now man was created then at the end of the 6th day.† Weíll look at whatís happening now.† Weíre at the 6,000 year period of manís day. Look at how man has excelled himself at the end of this 6,000 year period.† Itís incredible what man has done just in the last 100-150 years. We have gone from horse and buggy, a horse or walking as a natural transportation.† Right now Iím driving.† Iíve got a vehicle that has 192,000 miles on it.† Iíll drive to Indianapolis today Ė more than 8 hours of driving.† Iíll drive back before the week is out and Iíll stay in a hotel with air-conditioning Ė I made my reservation for that meeting today by phone for the hotel through a cell phone.† A hundred years ago none of that existed or the ability to do it, nor did it exist in the mind of man.† A cell phone or the reservation in such a manner Ė by computer.††

What Iím trying to say is this is Manís day.† Man has excelled himself because this is manís day.† Weíre at the end Ė man was created at the end of the 6th day.† This is manís day. Weíre at the end of the 6th day.† The 2nd day the water related to the flood.† Noah and the flood.† I know it might not be the exact 2,000 year period but itís in that time frame.† The 4th day Ė the sun was given and Jesus Christ came to the earth at the 4,000 year period of time.† And now weíre at the 6th day. Ėthe end of the 6th day, which Ė it was at the end of the 6th day that man was created.† Now itís manís day and man is excelling himself and God is getting ready to come back on the scene to judge man because of what he has done during this time frame and then God will rest in a millennial time for a 1,000 years of peace.

The Bible seems to be divided in periods of time.† We call them dispensations.† The 1st period of time, I canít take you to a verse of Bible that says the 1st dispensation is called Innocence, but men having looked at the scriptures have put a label on that particular period of time that best describes how God dealt with man during that time frame.  Call it what you want.  You can call it ďIn the gardenĒ.  But these periods of time or dispensations are  periods of time in which God dealt with man in a different way. Obviously God dealt with man in a different way in the garden than He did when man was removed from the garden.† Thatís fairly clear to see.

The thing that was required of Adam and Eve while they were in the garden was nothing more than dress the garden.† They walked and talked with God. They were naked. They didnít know sin. Their lifestyle was totally different.† After they ate of the forbidden fruit and as sin came into their life, they were thrown out of the garden. The first period of time, we see Adam and Eve in the garden, we call it Innocence.† A time of Innocence.† I would like to suggest that is first grade.† Iím probably not going to establish a grade to all the different periods of time. But youíll get the jest.† What was the thing that we learned in first grade?† We learned we must obey the teacher! Adam and Eve learned that in the first grade.† You must obey the teacher.† When God threw them out of the garden,† the angel with the flaming sword stood there as Adam and Eve are saying ďGod, why canít we get back in?Ē† You see the teacher, Almighty God, had said ďDo not eat from this tree!Ē† In first grade, the teacher says if youíre going to talk you must raise your hand.† If you're going to go to the rest room, you must raise your hand and get permission.† There were serious consequences if these rules were not obeyed. At least there were in my day.† You learned to obey the teacher.† You learned in school, that whatever the teacher said, that was the law.† God was teaching mankind in the first grade that they had to obey the teacher. God was teaching mankind that there was a consequence for sin.† Sin breaks communication with God.

Letís look at the page that deals with that Ė the First Dispensation and it says that sin breaks communication with God.† God canít look on sin nor can he communicate with sinful nature.† Sin is something that is foreign to the nature of God.† Itís like a splinter piece of wood or something that gets in your body.†

You donít even need to know where itís at.† Your body will begin to tell you within hours of having gotten that splinter, that there is something foreign there.† Sin is like that to God. Itís against the nature of God.† Itís not that God just said one day that I think Iím going to make some rules.† But sin is against the nature of God.† Sin cannot exist in Godís world.† When Satan rebelled in heaven, God said this rebellion is not going to stand.† So He cast him out of heaven.† Sin canít exist in the world of God.† Sin must be dealt with in some form.† One of the first rules that we learned in the first grade is if you disobey the teacher thereís going to be some consequences.† You stick your nose in the corner.† You write ďI will not get out of my chairĒ 50 times.† You have some type consequences of the sin or the thing that the teacher asked you not to do.†

I have some side sermons, God doesnít wish us to live or exist in sin. God wishes us to repent of our sin.† God wishes us to be free from sin. Letís look at our natural body.† Letís say for instance youíre doing something with a knife and cut your finger.† Your first instinct is to try to stop the bleeding.† You go to the sink and begin to wash it off and try to wash off whatever germs might be present that could cause infection.† You wrap the cut up in some kind of bandage to cover the wound and prevent the loss of blood yet allow the blood to continue to flow to the wound. The blood from you heart still flows down to the finger and begins the healing process.† When sin happens in our life it stops the flow of the Spirit coming in us.† Repentance begins the flow of the Spirit again in us.† It is important that we understand this.† The devil would say and many religions would say that we need to do penitence.† That we canít instantly repent when weíve sin. That we donít deserve instant repentance.† That we should continue to beat ourselves on the back or beat ourselves up or go confess or go do this, that, and the other.† Light some candles or do something, but God wishes us to repent when sins are committed so that his spirit can begin to flow through us again to heal whatever caused us to do the sin in the first place. When we cut our finger we go and we bandage the finger up so that the blood can begin to flow to heal that cut in our finger.† We donít beat ourselves up.† We donít tie a rubber band around the finger and say Iím going to punish this finger for several days and because it got in the way of the knife Ė We donít do any of that.† But that is what the devil would have us do when we sin.† Innocence ends in judgment.

Each one of these periods of time in the Bible ends in some kind of a judgment.† It also concludes with some kind of promise.† You graduate from the first grade to the second grade.† You learned your lessons and move on.† Innocence ended in judgment. †Thereís a cursing - thereís a blessing.† The curse for Innocence was that woman will have much sorrow in childbirth, etc. because of the sin. Then there would always to a promise from God.† The promise would say if you do this, this, and this then I will bless you.† Itís not Godís intentions to curse us.† God has no desire to destroy his creation.† Itís Godís intentions that we excel and live eternally with him.††† With each promise of God, there is a tangible, physical sign and I say physical - something you can get a hold of that comes with the promise of God.† Each promise of God comes with a tangible sign.† Youíll hear me say that over and over throughout the Old Testament.† There was the angel with the flaming sword that was standing before the garden.† A tangible sign of what God had said and intended to do.† That sign was done away with at a later point when there was no need for that sign to be in existence.† We see many more tangible signs of the promises and often times the cursings of God as we go through the Old Testament.† Jacob, whose leg the sinew shrank in the thigh so he walked with a limp. There is the rainbow, circumcision, many other promises or tangible signs of the promises of God as we go through the Old Testament.†

This leads to the second dispensation or period of time.†† Adam and Eve had two sons Cain and Abel.†† I say that Cain and Abel is second grade.† What is God trying to show us in Cain and Abel?† Is God trying to teach us how Cain killed Abel and that we shouldnít take a club or rock to your brother?† No, that is not the lesson at all.† In first grade the teacher gave us a big, fat pencil.† We had the paper with the big wide lines with the dot, dot, dot, down the middle.† The teacher made us write our alphabet in print form. We had to bring the A the v part had to come all the way up to the top.† And there was a certain part where we crossed the A to make it look correct.† The teacher graded us on our ability to write where the letter came across the dot, dot, dot, line as we made our letters.† But when we got to second grade we no longer had that thick paper Ė the thick lines Ė no longer did we have that thick pencil. Weíre saying well why do we have to do it at all?† Why didnít we just start off with a little pencil and thin lines?†† God in his plan knew that there is a learning process that goes with all this and the learning process is Adam and Eve had to learn that you had to obey the teacher.†

Each particular grade that God takes mankind through we donít have to do that any longer but the principles still apply.† If you are learning English, the alphabet still applies.† The spelling principles still apply.† We still make an A like an A.† In third grade they took away printing and they say we are going to write in cursive.† Why didnít we learn to write in cursive in the first grade?† It wasnít in our ability to learn at that particular time.† In Cain and Abel (2nd grade) the teacher is teaching 2 + 2 is 4.† The teacher cannot explain to the second grade that when you get to 12th grade and you need to learn trigonometry. Sometimes we get all involved in the story.† My memory of all those grades is a little fuzzy but I know the teacher had some apples on the wall.† There might have been 2 apples in one box and 2 apples in the next box and the teacher said ďHow many apples do you have if you put both boxes together?Ē We have 4 apples.† Itís not about whether we are counting apples or peaches or oranges, itís the fact that 2 + 2 is 4.† In the story of Cain and Abel, God said to Cain ďI want a blood sacrificeĒ.† But Cain decided that he was going to please God his own way.††

The lesson here is that God wants what he wants.† The teacher wants what they want.† Why was the 2nd grader arguing, ďwhy do I have to learn all these multiplication tables? Why do I have to start on this?† How come I have to do this?Ē† The teacher canít explain that to you.† Nor should they have to.† We are asking God questions that God canít explain to us right now in the particular time frame that we are in.† Nor should he have to.† Our job is to learn the lesson of the day as best we can and be ready for the next grade. For Cain and Abel - God wanted a blood sacrifice.† Why did God want a blood sacrifice?† We understand now because we can look through history that God was going to die himself and pay the ultimate price for sin with a blood sacrifice.†† It wasnít possible for God to tell Cain in the 2nd grade that Iím going to die 4,000 years from now.†† Iím going to allow myself to be crucified and my shed blood is ultimately wash away sins for good.† God couldnít explain that to Cain in the 2nd grade.† He wouldnít have understood that.† But God still wanted a blood sacrifice.† God wants what he wants.†† That was the lesson of the 2nd grade.† God wants what he wants and it doesnít matter if we understand it or not .†† As we go through life God is giving us various lessons. Sometimes the lessons are real plain.† Sometimes they are a little bit more subtle. We donít really know why we are learning that lesson of today.† Someday we will know.† After Cain killed Abel, Seth then was the chosen to be the blood lineage of Jesus Christ.†† Look at the chart. The red line from this point on has to do with the blood lineage of Jesus Christ.† Thank God for Noah. The Bible says Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.† We know the story of Noah.† We wouldnít be talking today if Noah hadnít found grace in the eyes of the Lord.†The Bible says the earth became very wicked and God spoke to Noah to build an ark.†† Noah is 3rd grade.† Why would God tell Noah to build an ark?† It was going to rain.†It had never rained before.†The Bible says the earth had been watered by the dew.†What is God teaching Noah in the 3rd grade?† Heís teaching obey the teacher! The teacher knows best.†Learn these multiplication tables.† You are going to need them one day. You need to be good at math.†But Noah spends his entire lifetime it appears working on a project that he has no clue why he is doing it.†God asking it is going to rain.†It had never rained before.† We are doing some things in our life right now that God is saying for us to do.†Iím on my way to a meeting.†I have no clue why God wants me at this meeting, but ultimately in time God will show me if he chooses.

Noah worked for probably 70 years to build this boat.† Sometimes we work for a lifetime seemingly just to learn one lesson.† Our lifetime of lessons will come along and teach many, many others.† Relax in God. knowing that God has full control and that He is teaching us as well as others by the lessons that we are learning.† Noah built the boat.† He was warned of the consequences of sin and he preached during this time.†The boat could handle maybe 800,000 people or so.† It is said that there were approximately that many people alive in that day.†† I donít know that for sure, but I know that the boat was a big boat and that it could have held many hundreds of people had they chose to get on. The boat could have held a thousand train cars.

The lesson of Noahís day is that you are saved or damned by water.† That will be another principle that we will discuss as we go through the Old Testament.† Water is a saving agent.† Just a few months without water and our earth would be parched, and on fire and our world would be in devastation.† It also can be a damning agent.† As the people who disobeyed Noah said, ď I donít believe you Noah.† Iím not going to get on the boat.† It doesnít matter . You say it is going to rain.† Itís never rained.Ē† Maybe there were a few people who built their own small boats. No doubt when it began to rain the earth wasnít flooded in a single day.† It rained for 40 days.† But as the rain came they perhaps built their own boats.† I think first of all they probably ran to Noahís boat and tried to get on.† The Bible said that God shut the door. It wasnít in Noahís ability to open the door.† Thatís another lesson that God was trying to teach us.† Itís not in our ability to save somebody.† What God asked us to do is prepare ourselves, preach it to others and then when God shuts the door thatís His choice.† We are preaching now, when we finish preaching, God at some point will call His church home and that will be the end.† I see preachers at funerals trying to save the person, trying to make them sound so good as if they are trying to convince God and the family that this person was so good they deserve to go to heaven, that is Godís choice.† We learned that in Noahís day when there were people who ran back to the boat and began to beat and cry at the door.†† There may have been ladders and scaffolding, and various things around the boat.† If so, they climbed up on top of it and tried to get in.† When they figured out they couldnít get in Noahís boat, they decide to go build a boat of their own.†† There was no salvation for anyone else that was left outside of the ark.† We have preachers preaching today, ĎWell if you donít make the rapture, donít take the mark, donít do this and donít do thatĒ.† Thatís a false teaching.† We learned that in the 3rd grade in Noahís day.† If you canít make the rapture, if you canít live for God while His presence is on the earth, then itís impossible for you to live for God when His presence is withdrawn from the earth and the devil is given power upon the earth. We will look at that in more detail in a later lesson.

The final part of Lesson Number One is the days of Noah are compared with the coming of Christ.† If you can see the chart Ė Matthew 24:37-44 reads, ďAs it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in the days of the coming of the son of man.Ē Here again the Old Testament is a shadow of whatís going to happen in the New Testament.† What we learned in the 3rd grade still applies at graduate school.† It says wickedness was great upon the earth.† I donít have to suggest, you know wickedness is great.† Immorality is rampant. There are many marriages and unholy marriages.† We know 50% of the people who marry end up in a divorce.† Several of those divorced will be married and remarried again. Our age has numerous men of renown. The Bible says that knowledge will be increased in Daniel 12:4. Look at what we drive.† Look at the computer system.†† Everything that we do is so far advanced that if we resurrected some people from the grave that were a hundred years old they would walk out on the highway and be destroyed by a semi truck.† They wouldnít know it existed.† Knowledge has increased. It is said if we lined up all the smart men and women that ever lived from Solomon on, 90% of them are alive today.† The wisdom, the increase in knowledge is so far advanced today, more than it has ever been.† The world is unaware of approaching disaster.† Oh we know that things are occurring in the world, but we are not looking for Jesusí coming.† We are not considering the fact that God is getting ready to come back.† We are unaware of the approaching disasters.† Weíve got people crying peace, peace, peace, no more war, but all the earth is corrupt.† The Bible said that Noahís family entered the ark to ride above the flood.† It also says that the Saints in I Thessalonians 4:17 will be caught up to escape the time of trouble. Noah returned to the earth after the flood.† It says that the Saints are going to return with Christ at His Second Coming.† When we look at Noahís day we can see Noahís day perfectly shadows the day that we are in right now.†† God is getting ready to come back. All the things that God said would happen at His Second Coming are happening as we speak.†


Study Sheet

THEME: "Open your heart when you open your Bible."
Coverage:  Creation Through The Flood
General View of the Old Testament
      1.  Number of Books - 39 (Old, 3; Testament, 9 = 39)
     2.  Theme of the Old Testament - Expectation and Longing - JOB 23:3
     3.  Period of writing - 1400 years by 32 different writers
     4.  Only ONE AUTHOR - 2 PETER 1:21; 2 TIM 3:16
     5.  Books of the Bible:  Law      -  5 books (THE TORAH)
                              History  - 12 books
                              Poetry   -  5 books
                              Prophecy -  5 major; 12 minor
The Creation
      1.  "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth." - GEN 1:1;
          HEB 11:3; JOB 38:1-7
     2.  Genesis is a book of beginnings
The Creation of the Earth
      1.  1st day, light appears - GEN 1:3-5
     2.  2nd day, water above divided the waters below - GEN 1:6-8
     3.  3rd day, earth and sea divided; grass and trees - GEN 1:9-13
     4.  4th day, sun and moon given for light, time and seasons - GEN 1:14-19;
         PSA 104:19
     5.  5th day, sea creatures, fowls of the air created - GEN 1:20-23
     6.  6th day, cattle, beasts and first man Adam - GEN 1:24-31
     7.  7th day, God rested (ceased His creative work) from all that He 
         had made - GEN 2:1-3; HEB 4:9-11
First Dispensation - Innocence
        DISPENSATION = A period of time in which God deals with man in 
                       a particular way
      1.  Adam and Eve warned of consequence of sin - GEN 2:15-17
     2.  The serpent (the devil) deceives Eve - GEN 3:1  (REV 12:9)
     3.  Adam and Eve eat of the forbidden fruit - GEN 3:6-7
     4.  Sin breaks communion with God - GEN 2:15-17; ISA 59:2 (Spiritual Death)
     5.  God sought Adam - ROM 3:11; JOHN 15:16
     6.  They sewed fig leaves together to cover their nakedness - Man's 
         way of trying to cover up his sin
     7.  God shed the blood of innocent animals to cover their sin which
         established this principle in God's plan -GEN 3:7,21; HEB 9:22
Innocence ends in Judgement
      1.  The curse   - GEN 3:14-19
     2.  The promise - GEN 3:15; ROM 5:19
     3.  Adam and Eve are sent from the garden - GEN 3:23-24
Second Dispensation - Conscience
      1.  Dispensation of Conscience = Man was now aware (conscience) of 
         good and evil - GEN 3:5
     2.  Birth of Cain and Able - GEN 4:1-2
     3.  God accepts Abel's sacrifice because it was his best (firstlings
         of the flock) and it was a blood sacrifice - GEN 4:4; HEB 11:4
     4.  God did not accept Cain's sacrifice because it was not his best 
         and Cain displayed a bad attitude - GEN 4:3-7
     5.  Cain kills Abel - GEN 4:8
     6.  Seth begins blood line of promised Redeemer - GEN 4:25-26
     7.  World became very wicked, but Noah found grace in the eyes of the
         Lord - GEN 6:1-8
Noah Builds the Ark
      1.  Noah builds an ark of gopher wood - GEN 6:14-16
     2.  Noah warns of coming judgement - 2 PET 2:5  (1 PET 3:20)
     3.  Conscience Dispensation ends in judgement by the flood
The Ark that Noah Built
      1.  Size:  600 ft. long, 100 ft. wide, 60 ft. high
     2.  Would hold 1,000 box cars, or 100 Barnum circuses
Days of Noah - Coming of Christ - MATT 24:37-44; 2 PET 3:3-7
      1.  Wickedness great in the earth - 2 TIM 3:13
     2.  Large number of unholy marriages - MATT 24:38-39
     3.  Many men of renown - DAN 12:4
     4.  World unaware of approaching disaster - LUKE 21:35
     5.  All the earth corrupt - 2 TIM 3:2
     6.  Noah's family enters ark of safety - 1 THES 4:17
     7.  Noah and his family were in the ark 371 days
     8.  Noah returns to earth after the flood - JUDE 14-15


The end of lesson 1.† God bless you!

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