Search for Truth - Lesson 4
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Lesson Number 4 is a continuation of the Law, which will take us up to Jesus Christ. At the death of Moses, Joshua took over. He was hand-picked by God. Joshua was a servant of Moses he didn't realize that he would be the next leader. He was just serving Moses to the best of his ability. There are a lot of lessons from these particular grades one of the things that I think is interesting was where God had the men of Joshua take some stones from the middle of the Jordan River and place them on the bank and vice versa in the middle of the Jordan as a memorial for what God had done. That is why we have graduations and certificates, and pictures of things that we have done. They are memorials of what we have done or achieved in our lives. Certificates are passed out for various things. God knows that when the devil attacks us we forget about those things that God has done. If we have a memorial of what has been done it re-energizes us to go on and do something else. The certificate on the wall of completing a certain grade level or a certain track record, debate class, a certain something helps us go on to the next level. The memorial here signified what God had done in parting the Jordan River and allowing them to walk across. Saved by water here again! Also leaving a memorial for children who at some later point wouldn't know about that story. They would say, "What are these stones, what is this?" The story could be repeated again. These stones were like the written word. They were put out as a sign. I feel it is very important that we write down what God has done for us so that when the devil attacks we can go back and say "Just a minute, devil, let me remind you of what God did for me back at such and such a date! He healed my body. He touched my kid." These are memorials that we stack up. By the time that we finish reminding the devil of what God has done, the devil flees and victory is won again!

God wishes us to learn these lessons that he was teaching them. God wanted to rule his people by Judges. He didn't want some man, lady, person, or king taking His place. God continues to wish that to be the case. God would raise up a judge at various times and they would speak or preach, or give prophesy. Gideon was one of those, Samuel was one and also Sampson. These judges would rule or help Israel out of hard times in different periods of their lives. God was pleased with that.

The Israelites looked around at the other countries near them and they said, "We want a king like them. We want somebody to rule over us". They didn't know what they were asking. After they continued to ask for a king, the judge Samuel, said "They have rejected me" and God said, "No, they haven't rejected you Samuel, they have rejected me (God) from being the King." The lesson here is that sometimes God allows us to have some things in our lives if we ask enough, whether we need them or not. God sometimes gives them to us to our own detriment because we continue to ask. The lesson is that we should be like Paul and be content in whatever state we are in (Phil 4:11.) Paul learned that lesson. The first king God gave them was Saul. Saul was a tall man and was well suited for leadership. But, it didn't take long for King Saul to become big in his own eyes. The lesson here in 10 th grade is that you might start well but if you don't continue to do well the blessings of God will not always be with you. David didn't always do well but the difference between David and Saul was that David didn't blame anybody else for his failure. David blamed himself. David didn't blame Bathsheba. He could have said, "Well, she was out there doing this and that, she should have refused to come to me but she didn't". David said, "Lord, it is me and me only that has sinned". Saul said, "The people, the people they made me do it". When I look at the story of Saul, here is another example of God wants what he wants! It wasn't an easy battle for Saul to go and eliminate the Amalekites. He was dirty, he was grimy, he left his bed, he had left his house, and he had left the wife, to go out to battle. Battle wasn't easy – it was bloody – a hard task. Let's say he had done 90% of what God had asked him to do -maybe 95% of what God had asked him to do by proxy of the prophet, but at some point, Saul decided ‘ I have done enough!' I've done enough of what God wants me to do. It never works. God wants what he wants. He had a reason for eliminating and taking out that entire group – the animals, the people, everything because of the way they had treated Israel. The lesson that God wants us to learn is that if we don't do what God has asked us to do that thing comes back to bite us. If we don't destroy that snake, later it comes back to bite us. Saul lost the power that God had given him. I know there are religions that say you can't lose out with God, but Saul did. He lost the spirit of God that was with him. He lost the anointing. God removed it from him. The other lesson is the young man that came and testified of Saul's death was a young man of the lineage of which Saul originally was told to eliminate. Because Saul did not eliminate them originally, they were the ones to testify of Saul's death. It is ironic how that happened. The things that God wants us to do – if we don't do it completely – (not 95% - not 99%) - but 100% as God asked to do, it will be the death of us. The sin we leave in our lives – the task undone – we might have sweated and done almost all of it, thinking this is enough. God should be happy with this. This is what Saul thought. God should be happy with this. I'll save a few of the cattle. I'll bring back the King, and there were others that he left that didn't get killed. God wasn't happy with him, because he blamed it on the people rather than taking the responsibility himself.

David and his sin – David took the blame himself and God said David was a man after His own heart. Why? because David took responsibility for his sin himself. David worshipped God truly. God reached out and found another king to take Saul's place. David was anointed King. Here is another lesson in David that we have to learn in Christ. We might be anointed to do something, but it might be years before that timeframe comes up for us to be able to do it. Preacher friend, God may have anointed you to preach, teacher, pastor, be a church leader. God may have put his blessing on you but there may be a whole school that you need to go thru before you are prepared or in a position to do that. I am saying to you to be patient. David went thru all kinds of misery before he was finally put in the kingship role. I'm sure he wondered, God am I anointed or what? God what did you do? Why is Saul trying to kill me? Why have I had to run for my life? The presence of God is on me. Why are my wives and children and all of my men's possessions destroyed? He encouraged himself in the Lord and went and recovered all. When we look at these stories don't get bogged down in the details but try to look at the lesson that God is trying to teach us. If we can pass this test the first time we won't have to take it again. One thing that happens in God – if you flunk the test – you get to take it again. You get to take it again and again and again until either you drop out or you pass it.

Then Solomon came along. He was a wise man. He made great choices as a young man, but in his idleness and in his complacency he forgot how he came to be so wise. He took wives of all the different places like trophies. Then what was he to do with them? He built images to their gods in groves. He dishonored God by building images of other gods(idols). The end of Solomon's' story is not that great, but he started off great. Kind of like Saul - he started off great. Because you are successful now, doesn't guarantee your continued success in God unless your heart stays right. I am constantly praying, "God check my heart. Give me a heart check up to see if my heart is right for you". I don't want to be like those other kings that left you. It was not God's will to have those kings in the beginning, but ultimately he gave in to the people anyway. God knew the kings would lead the people into bondage. They split the kingdom of God. That is what happens when we get some man or woman who wants to rule over the kingdom of God. Even in organizations, there are superintendents and people who want to rule the kingdom of God rather than let God's presence and the gifts of the spirit operate – to move – to flow – to judge let it be someone of spiritual context. I am not against organizations, but sometimes organization gets in the way of what God is trying to do, because it doesn't fit in the box. This is what these kings did. When the kings served God, the people served God. If the king was wicked then many of the people became wicked.

Jeroboam became the King of Israel and the ten tribes, but because he didn't want them to come down to Jerusalem to worship, he built their own worship center. This led the people into idolatry.

Elijah and Elisha – the fantastic lesson here that God is teaching us is you have got to be a servant. You have to be a servant to the man of God. You have got to wash his hands so you can possibly get a portion of his spirit, but that is not the main lesson. You may not get anything, as the next man in line if you become too greedy. It is a matter of being a servant to somebody as they serve God.

Jonah – was one of the greatest evangelists that ever lived, but he despised what God was doing. Here we see Saved or Damned by water. Water almost destroyed him until he repented. Then the water saved him and helped him with his mission. Israel was divided into two groups, Israel (10 tribes) and Judah (2 tribes). Judah's leader was Rehoboam and their capital was Jerusalem. Israel's leader was Jeroboam, and their capital was Samaria. Israel was taken into Assyria captivity while Judah was taken into Babylon captivity.

Some of the Old Testament prophet's prophesies were directed to Judah and some to Israel. Some of the prophet's prophecies were to both groups.

Let's look at the men who were away in captivity. They were in captivity but their hearts were in Jerusalem. Do you remember when we talked about being in the wilderness? They came out of Egypt but their hearts were still there. When your heart is in the right place, it doesn't matter where you are at physically. God will take you back to where you need to be when you heart is in the right place. You might be in the right place but if your heart is in the wrong place you will ultimately be destroyed in the place you are. There is a great lesson that God is trying to teach. When we were going to school we saw people who didn't want to grow up. They always wanted to be in the 9 th grade. They always wanted to be in the 10 th grade. They never wanted to become seniors and really take responsibility and graduate and go on to college. They were always playboys or playgirls.

Listen, God is saying to us – Look at Nehemiah. He was a man in captivity, but where is his heart? His heart is in the destruction of his homeland. His heart is back in Jerusalem. I don't know if he had ever even seen it. He may have just heard the stories, but his heart was there. Because his heart was there and he was a man of skill – a man of labor – a man of intelligence – he was the cupbearer to the King. What qualified him to go back and do what he did? His heart was right and God took Nehemiah back, by king's orders, to rebuild the walls. When we set our heart right before God then God can ultimately take us back by the order of the people who captured us to have us do the right thing. If soul winning – reaching out to people is the right thing – it doesn't matter who has captured us or put us in bondage – God will bring it back around to do the right thing. Ezra – Zerubabel – builders of the temple came back and did it. Nehemiah is one that I like to conclude the Bible study with in the Old Testament – looking at Nehemiah. There were 400 silent years that God did not speak anything to his people. He was waiting on John the Baptist to come on the scene and the right time frame to come. God spoke to Nehemiah to do a certain thing. He was ordered by the king to go do a certain thing. There were a couple of men Sanbalet and Tobiah that stood in the way of Nehemiah doing the right thing. Note: When I am teaching this lesson in private homes to people who are new converts; I go thru Nehemiah with them in great detail. I open the scriptures. Up to now I haven't read many verses from the Bible. I alluded to some, but I haven't read many. I go to Nehemiah and I sit down and I say "Here is what the devil is going to try to do to you". I think there are thirteen to fourteen different things that Sanbalet and Tobiah – every time you see their name they are up to something different. They laugh at Nehemiah and ridicule him saying, you can't build the walls. If a fox were to lean up against it these walls would fall down. Look at the tasks that Nehemiah went to do. It is one thing trying to build something out of new stuff. It is altogether something else to take a pile of rubble and reconstruct it back to into something that it was.

That is what his job was. Then on top of that he had to protect themselves from these men that were taking counsel against him. Well come down and meet us at a certain place. Nehemiah said, "No, my job is not to meet and talk with you. God has given me a job, by order of the king, to rebuild the walls". There is a whole number of things that they try to do to make war against them. Then they said, "meet us at the temple". They tried anything that they could do to distract this man of God from doing what God had layed out for him to do. I wonder what is in your life that the devil is trying to distract you with. It would seem like a perfect thing to do to meet your enemy at the temple – at the church house. If that is not what God is telling you – if they are distracting you from what God has called you to do – then don't go to the temple to meet them. Don't go anywhere to meet them. They were laying a trap to try to destroy him at the temple. Oh come down to a certain valley and meet us. We want to talk peace. Come here, Come there. Then they brought war against them. So they fought with a trowel in one hand and a sword in one hand. They also had a trumpet.

This is an incredible lesson here for new converts and for your church to show them what God wants to do and what the devil wants to do to try to destroy what is going on in your life or in the life of a new convert. He does it to churches – the devil does it to pastors to try to get you distracted. Why did God send you to that city? Was it to run a day care? Probably not. Now you may have one. Was it to run a school? Probably not. You may have one. Was it to build some large, large building? Probably not. You may have one. I am not against those things, but why did God send you there? God sent you there to witness for him .To bring up a people that are called by His name, to bring sinners to repentance, not to do these side issues that the world and maybe even people in your church group want you to do. You will spend all of your time in service jobs – in personal jobs and not doing what God has sent you there to do. Nehemiah had a job to do and he got it done regardless of those who tried to distract him from doing it. This is 9 th grade stuff. Get with the assignment. Turn the TV off. Do the homework. When you get the homework done then you can go back to the king. The final lesson here is – Nehemiah goes back to the king. The king believes in Nehemiah and he sends him back to check and see how things were going. Nehemiah notices that the priests are out in the field again. They are not doing the service of the temple. He said, "What is this? How come you guys are not doing the temple work?" He looks and there in the house of God in the place where the tithe was supposed to be brought in, sits Sanbalat. He had set up housekeeping. Sanbalat hadn't been able to destroy anybody. He hadn't been able to discourage Nehemiah from rebuilding the walls or Ezra from rebuilding the temple but he just moves in the temple. He gets a job on the board. He gets a job as a trustee. He gets a job right there in the middle of the whole deal. He just does his dirty work from there and he slows down the entire process of God right in the middle of the board meeting. No doubt you might have some of those Sanbalats (sand baggers– ha, ha, ha), right in the middle of your board meeting. What did Nehemiah do? He didn't say well this is my biggest tithe payer. He threw that guys stuff out in the street. He caused the house to be cleansed. He commanded that the people bring their tithe and their offering back into the temple so that the priests could be there to live and do the duties of the temple. When the devil couldn't whip Nehemiah from the outside, or Ezra or Zerubabel, from building the temple – what did he do? He moved on the inside. So pastors, church leaders, learn the lesson of the 9 th- 10 th grade. If the devil can't whip you from the outside and this is what I teach my new converts, he is going to try to whip you from the inside. That is what we have got to do – set our hearts and minds to look out for what the devil is trying to do because he will try. He will succeed if we are not extremely careful in looking at him and try to determine what he is trying to do with us. You see oh man of God – young man of God – saint of God – SundaySchool teacher – what God has called you to do? Even in teaching these lessons the devil will try to distract you. He doesn't care how he distracts you, just as long as he distracts you. He might get you off into counseling that you have no business doing. He may get you off into taking somebody's finances – becoming his or her payee. Doing all kinds of things that have no relevance to what God has called you to do. So figure out what God is calling you to do and get back after it. (Just one of my side sermons.) But it is what God has said for us. Nehemiah did it perfectly. There is no error in what he did. God is showing us thru Nehemiah that if we are going to serve Christ correctly we need to do it Nehemiah's way.

God bless you. We will start with the New Testament next. I hope you have enjoyed the lessons from the Old Testament as God has taken us thru them.


Study Sheet

Lesson # 4:  Crossing into Canaan to End of Old Testament
Crossing Jordan - The Judges
       1.  Death of Moses - DEUT 34
      2.  Joshua - JOSH 1:1-5; 24:1-28
      3.  Crossing the Jordan River - JOSH 4:5-7
      4.  Conquest of Canaan
      5.  Reign of the Judges - 15 men
      6.  Gideon - JUDG 7:19-22
      7.  Samson - JUDG 13-16
      8.  Samuel - 1 SAM 1-3
Israel demands a King - United Kingdom
       1.  Saul    - 1 SAM 9-13
      2.  David   - 1 SAM 16 - 1 KINGS 1
      3.  Solomon - 1 KINGS 2-11
Divided Kingdom - Age of the Prophets
       1.  Revolt of ten tribes - 1 KINGS 12
      2.  Jeroboam leader of Israel (10tribes) - capitol Samaria
      3.  Israel taken captive by Assyrians in 721 B.C.
      4.  Rehoboam leader of Judah (2 tribes) - capitol Jerusalem
      5.  Judah taken captive by Babylon in 606 B.C. and 586 B.C.
      6.  Elijah, Elisha, and Jonah were three prophets for Israel
      7.  Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel sent to Judah
      8.  Prophecies in Old Testament concerning Jesus Christ
          Old Testament          Prophecy            New Testament
          -------------          --------            -------------
          a.  MICAH 5:2     Place of birth           MATT 2:1
          b.  ISA 7:14      Born of a virgin         MATT 1:18
          c.  ISA 53:3      Rejected by Jews         JOHN 1:11
          d.  ZECH 9:9      Triumphal entry          JOHN 12:13-14
          e.  PSA 41:9      Betrayed by a friend     MARK 14:10
          f.  ZECH 11:12    Sold for 30 pc. silver   MATT 26:15
          g.  ISA 50:6      Smitten and spat upon    MARK 14:65
          h.  ISA 53:4-5    Suffered for us          MATT 8:16-17
          i.  PSA 22:16     Hands and feet pierced   JOHN 20:27
          j.  PSA 69:21     Given gall and vinegar   JOHN 19:29
          k.  PSA 22:18     Cast lots for garments   MARK 15:24
          l.  PSA 34:20     Not a bone to be broken  JOHN 19:33
          m.  PSA 68:18     His ascension            LUKE 24:50-51
Prophecies concerning the Church Age  
           1.  ISA 28:9-13
          2.  EZEK 36:26-27
          3.  JOEL 2:28-32
     10.  Prophecies concerning the end times
           1.  NAHUM 2:4
          2.  DAN 12:4
     11.  Prophecies concerning the Jews
           1.  EZEK 37
          2.  ZEPH 3:20
          3.  AMOS 9:15

Restoration of the Remnant
       1.  Temple rebuilt by Zerubbabel - EZRA 1:1-4; 6:14-15
      2.  Walls repaired by Nehemiah - NEH 1:1-3; 6:15
      3.  Last of Old Testament prophets were Haggai, Zechariah, 
          and Malachi
      4.  400 silent years before New Testament begins

The end of lesson 4.  God bless you!

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