Search for Truth - Lesson 8
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Lesson 8 begins with the Gifts of the Spirit. The scripture talks about the different gifts but the same spirit. I Corinthians 12. This is where a major confusion lies with various people that read the scripture. Remember when we looked at the New Testament – Corinthians was not written to sinners. It was written to the church at Corinth. The church of Corinth was full of the Holy Ghost though they had some troubles and struggles. Remember this is a brand new phenomenon among their church. A few months ago no one could speak in tongues. Nobody could give prophecy. Occasionally in the Old Testament you would have a prophet, but nobody could do it like they were doing it now. Nobody had the gift of healing or miracles. Now all these gifts are operating in the church and they don’t know how to control them, they don’t know how they are supposed to work. Paul sets about to establish some guidelines for the operation of the gifts. In their new found freedoms of worshipping, they still needed guidance. The gift of tongues was prevalent among all of them. They all could speak with tongues as evidence of the Holy Ghost. They did not know if they had the gift of tongues or not but they were happy to speak out in tongues if God moved on them. Paul is saying when you come together we are not here just to speak in tongues! That is wonderful and great. He says, “I thank my God that I speak in tongues more than you all”. He further states, forbid not to speak in tongues when you come together, let the gifts operate, but let’s do it with decency and order. He begins to tell them exactly how these gifts should work. Various ones have broken down the gifts in various areas. I am not going to do that. The gift of wisdom is knowing how to do something. The gift of knowledge is knowing what to do. The Gift of Faith would be stronger faith than normal faith. What is that? That could vary from person to person. It has been said that I have the gift of faith. I believe that all of us have faith. The scripture says that every man has a measure of faith. If all of us have faith, what is the gift of faith? It is extraordinary faith. Some may have more faith than others or faith for a particular time. The gift of healing as with miracles, involve somebody’s body, an animal, somebody that is being healed or has a miraculous thing happen to them. Some of these gifts work together. The gift of prophecy could also involve wisdom and knowledge knowing what to do and when to do it. The discerning of spirits is a gift that discerns what sprit somebody has. It doesn’t mean that always you speak what you know in the Spirit out loud. People that have this particular gift have often prayed to God to relieve them of it because when they walk thru a crowd, they know the needs of everybody. They became fretful and tired of having that particular gift working in them all the time.

The gift of tongues is where someone speaks out in tongues and then the interpretation of tongues is where someone would interpret, not translate, but interpret what was said in that particular time. The Bible says that God has put these gifts in the body so that the body can be edified. Edified is to be lifted up and be brought closer to God and the body to be instructed. The gifts of the spirit operate by the same gift like electricity operating all the appliances in one house – the microwave, the toaster, etc. We have to have the spirit in order to be able to operate in them. I see people who don’t have the spirit who are trying to operate in various gifts. There is only one other spirit out there working and that would be Satan’s spirit that comes along and gives them some small insight. Let’s make sure we have the right spirit! Make sure that we are operating with God’s approval in these gifts. These gifts are not given to exalt somebody above another. I know various people who say they are counting how many gifts they have. It is not important how many gifts you have. This is about the kingdom of God and God lifting up and using us as a vessel. We are a vessel and God may use us at different times for different purposes. To God be the glory no matter how He chooses to use us. Amen.

 This particular page talks about the works of the flesh and the fruit of the spirit. It is an interesting page. It is eye opening to people. I think there is a flaw in the chart – “fruits” of the spirit – the scripture says fruit of the spirit. Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, etc. The works of the flesh are recorded in the scriptures that you see in Mark 7, I John 2, Titus 2, and Galatians 5. The scripture tells us to “keep our hearts with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life” – Proverbs 4:23. I know that there are Christians who give themselves a license to have a bad temper or they give themselves a license to have this, that, or the other. It is impossible (I hope this is a statement that you will remember) to have any of the works of the flesh operating in your life and have the fruit of the spirit operating in your life at the same time. You name any of these that you want to name. It is impossible to have hatred in your life and have love, or long-suffering, or gentleness. You can read the list. Temperance or goodness or meekness or joy. Let’s say you have strife in your life. It is impossible if you have strife to have temperance or faith or goodness. I see people that see the fruit of the spirit as being separate individual things. Well I have long-suffering, but I don’t have love. How is it possible to have long-suffering and not be gentle? How can you suffer long with someone and not have faith? All of these are one thing. They have different names but it is one fruit. It is the fruit of the Spirit – that when you are full of the Spirit – these things operate in your life. This is a very interesting page. It arrests some people because I have seen some people who say, “Well I have a bad temper”. Because I am a certain nationality then I am allowed to have this, that, or the other. No, you really just need to pray thru and get over it and be filled with the Spirit and get rid of that bad temper as God would have you get rid of it. Amen.

Holiness, without which no man can see the Lord. Hebrews 12:14. In this setting the scripture clearly says that we need to guard ourselves. I am not talking about standards – Holiness is something that is holy to God. Let me explain a standard. Imagine at this moment, I am driving in my truck - I have glass and metal around me, they are all standards. Glass is a standard that holds out all the air. It rained a few minutes ago. It holds out the rain. Standards are things that we put up to keep certain things out and certain things in. Often times the Apostolic movement mis-communicates the difference between a standard and holiness. Some things are holy to God. God asked us to do that. There are other things that are just standards. There are certain movies and certain things that I will not go see. Now could I possibly go see them and still make heaven? I assume so. But I have put up a standard in my life not to see them. I don’t want my mind influenced by those things and thus I don’t do it. That is a standard. Because I don’t see a movie or a certain class of movies or whatever doesn’t make me holy. It doesn’t make me anything unless there is something inside of me that makes me holy. There are people all around our world that haven’t seen various movies and they are not holy. They are not holy because they don’t have Christ on the inside. Only Christ can give us his holiness and his righteousness. So there is holiness – without holiness – no man can see the Lord – so there is a difference. Let me talk about dress code. There are some people that think because they have a ‘dress code’ that makes them holy. If that was true then there are certain religions in our world that would be very, very, very holy. God wants us to dress modest and there is a standard of dress that God asks us to do. But it keeps certain things out and certain things in. Modesty is one of those. It doesn’t make the person wearing that particular outfit holy. Because I go buy a police uniform and wear it doesn’t make me a policeman. It just means that I have a police outfit. So sometimes we confuse standards - and I am all for standards – don’t misrepresent me – we need standards to keep certain things out. I like the walls of my house that keep the elements out, keeps the animals out and keeps me safe inside. But there has to be something inside to be kept safe. There is no need for me to heat the inside of my house if no one is inside to benefit from the heat – or cool it or whatever the need may be. God wishes us to set up certain standards. He wishes us to be holy. In this particular talk we are talking about holiness. Guard your tongue for ye are holy in all manner of conversation (I Peter 1:15). What does that deal with? That deals with our mind and what is going thru our mind. Holiness is an act of the mind and the soul – our thinking capacity. Guard – be ye separate – touch not the unclean thing –guard your hands perfecting holiness in the fear of God. We are talking to God about what he would have us to do and what he would not have us do. Guard your eyes – I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes that I might not sin against thee (Psalms 101:3). That is what I think about when I think about certain movies, films, etc. Watch your appearance – women adorn themselves in modest apparel. I can become unholy in my dress. I know people who, because they don’t dress unholy that think that makes them holy. Holiness- the end thereof is everlasting life. The Bible says to present your bodies holy and acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service. The scripture in, I Corinthians 3 says, if any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy. This verse is not talking about smoking and drinking or anything of that nature. The only way the temple can be defiled is thru your mind – thru your eye gate – thru your ear gate – your thoughts are what defile you. It is not something that you take in your mouth. Look the verse up – read about defilement. Jesus says it is not what goes in the belly that defileth a man. Jesus is the one who brought up the subject initially. It is mentioned about 11 times in the scriptures. Defilement is what goes in our mind – what we allow to go in our mind. Holiness is allowing God in our heart, as we allow God to take charge of our hearts and give us his holiness.

Lets look at the apostle Paul who was sent to the Gentiles. The early church was persecuted. Paul was a persecutor himself of the church. He locked up people and did everything possible to persecute them. God came along and saw how fervent Paul was in his rebellious act toward God. Paul then in Acts 9, was struck down by a bright light as he looked back up into heaven. He said “Who art thou Lord?” He heard a voice from heaven that said “I am Jesus whom thou persecuteth.” You can read the story of Paul’s conversion in Acts 9. He was miraculously converted to knowing that Jesus is the Christ, he fasts, he prays, he gets the Holy Ghost, he gets baptized, and he receives his sight back. After that Paul is made to suffer many of the things that he passed out to the Christians he was previously hurting. He is shown how much he is going to suffer for Christ’s sake. Paul was made basically a missionary to the Gentiles. He was a very learned man in the scriptures and able to argue or debate with anyone regarding the Old Testament scriptures. He sat at the feet of some of the greatest men on earth at that time. I want you to note that Paul’s eyes were not opened to the truth until after he received the Holy Ghost speaking with tongues. My friends no matter how smart you are in scripture – maybe you can quote the whole Bible by memory but without the Spirit of God – without the Holy Ghost you cannot interpret it correctly. Paul was probably head and shoulders above the disciples in knowledge of scripture. You might be able to put all the disciples together and Paul was smarter than them all in scripture. He had sat at the feet of Gamaliel but he did not have the Spirit. Without the Spirit he ended up fighting against Christ instead of promoting him. God gave him the Holy Ghost and Paul became an advocate for the cause of Christ. He was beaten many times. He went on 3 different missionary journeys. He wrote 14 epistles in the New Testament. Finally he was beheaded for the cause of Christ. God took Paul to a lot of places. He spoke before kings. Paul said, “I know in whatsoever state that I am to be content.” If I have a lot of food, I am happy. If I have no food, I am happy. If I have money, I am happy. If I have no money, I am happy. If I am cold, I am content. Whatever state he was in, he was operating for the body of Jesus Christ. God was living and was working in him. His life was not without contention. The disciples disputed against Paul from time to time. Various brethren disputed against Paul from time to time. My friends, when you are contending for the truth, it doesn’t mean you will have freedom from people wanting to bad mouth you - people wanting to defeat you – people wanting to do harm to you. We see in some of Paul’s writings – he said, nobody except one or two agreed with me. Today, after many years of study, we esteem Paul’s writings as the Word of the Lord. Don’t be disheartened when your brother doesn’t agree with you as God speaks to you. Just do the work of God and be content as you do it.

Persecution at Jerusalem spread the church. It spread to Samaria and Caesarea and then to Antioch where they were first called Christians and to the uttermost parts of the earth as the scripture had told them to do in Acts 1:8. In Rome believers met persecution. Many, many things happened to them as God spread the church and the message. He allowed persecution to come to the church to push them out of Jerusalem and out of their comfort zone. Let me speak to you that are listening or reading this – don’t wait on God to take you out of your comfort zone, to push you out to go do the work of God. If God is asking you to do his work in this or that country, then go do it! Don’t wait until you have to lose everything that you have and then say, “Well I have nothing else left, I guess I’ll go”. Go do the work of God. Don’t force God to have to take away all your comforts before you go and do that. Amen.

The destruction of Jerusalem was spoken of in Luke 19:41-4? The people of that day basically asked for this. Jesus said there wouldn’t be one stone left upon another. In time the prophecy was fulfilled. They said let Christ’s blood be upon us and our children’s children. The Roman army came in and encamped around Jerusalem. History says that there wasn’t room for another cross. The Romans had literally crucified so many people. The church was able to leave there in time and be dispersed around the world. The day of vengeance is something that we leave to God. There was vengeance taken out upon this group of people who rejected Christ. They rejected the head of the corner. God said, “Okay, if you are going to reject me then I am going to destroy this system”. You see it was once okay to worship at the temple. When Christ came, it was still okay to worship at the temple but now they needed to be worshipping Jesus. God moves us from one step to another. We can see as God moved from the Law, to the Book of Acts, to the infilling of the Holy Ghost. As God moves us from one grade to another we need to step up in him and not continue as we are. I meet some people who still think they are in the 3rd grade or they still wish they were back in high school. We meet some young people who are still acting like children. God moves us and he shows us how to be deeper and stronger in him but we have to move out of the place where we are in before we can go to some other place. The Jews understood that Jesus was Christ. But because it was going to take their positions – the Pharisees – the Sadducees – because they might loose their positions in the temple they refused to believe it or accept it. They paid money to people to cover it up. God just allowed the Romans to totally destroy their entire way of worship and life. The lesson for us is that if God is moving on you to change those habits – to move out of your comfortable place, don’t’ wait on God to destroy it. Move!

We see Constantine the Roman emperor at the Council of Nicea at 325 A.D. brought together church and state. Since they couldn’t whip the Christians they diluted the message in 325 AD. They brought in infant baptism. They brought in baptizing of babies. That didn’t exist in the scriptures before. They brought in the baptismal formula change of father, son and Holy Ghost. Go to your computer. Look it up. You will see in 325 AD that they changed the baptismal formula to include father, son, and Holy Ghost. Look in Britannica Encyclopedia under the word baptism. It says in the oldest sources they did it in Jesus’ name until 325 AD. It is Constantine and the Roman Empire that brought about the start of what would be called in time the Roman Catholic Church. Up until this time, there was great knowledge that came across the earth. People excelled towards God. When this happened there was what was called a ‘great falling away’. This ushered into the Dark Ages. There have been hundreds of years between that time and now. In their normal industry there were hardly any inventions of any significance and it is like men’s minds and eyes were closed because they refused to move as God would have them move. God said, I am just going to shut your mind off to industry and to better ways of life. In the late 1800’s the Holy Ghost began to be poured out again. In the early 1900’s people were seeking God – the Holy Ghost was poured out again. Look at the industry as God excels us out of the Dark Ages into the modern boom of society that we have now. It should say something to us just in looking at that picture.
This is the end of Lesson 8. I think the overall thoughts of Lesson 8 are that we need to live holy before him. If God is speaking to us about doing something then we need to do it. We need to have standards. Standards keep God in and the devil out, not standards just for standards sake, just because somebody wants you to do it. If it doesn’t keep God in and the devil out, then we need to examine that standard. I have some people who live close to me that are still traveling by horse and buggy. Many of the things they do have nothing to do with keeping God in or the devil out, but they live and die by them. Let’s look at the standards that we have, the holiness life that we live and see what we allow and what we don’t allow and see if God is happy. Are we keeping God in and the devil out?

The end of lesson 8.  God bless you!

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