Search for Truth - Lesson 9
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The beginning of Lesson 9 talks about a scripture which says, in the last days I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, your sons and your daughters shall prophecy. I don’t know if the latter rain began in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. We do know that the former rain occurred in the Book of Acts on the day of Pentecost. As we discussed in the last lesson, the Church moved into the Dark Ages after the message had been diluted. (The message was not diluted by the true believers). Martin Luther stepped onto the scene. Luther said, “The just shall live by faith”. God was moving people that were hungry for him back towards him. God didn’t intend for people to stop at Luther’s understanding.

Was God guiding Martin Luther? Yes, certainly he was. Was God guiding Wesley? Yes, certainly he was. Many people have built a fence around what Martin Luther believed. That is why we have the Lutheran church. They stopped right there although God didn’t intend for them to stop there. Just as you and I went thru 1st and 2nd grade, God doesn’t want us to stop in one of those grades. Gods wants us to continue on as he begins to reveal more and more revelation to us. God brought more revelation to Wesley. God didn’t want us to stop there. In the late 1800’s – early 1900’s – the Holy Ghost began to be poured out among thousands of people. It spread all across the known world at the time. People began to receive the Holy Ghost and speak with tongues. Then they began to take a new look at everything that was going on. They said let’s look and re-examine all the scriptures. I thing it is constantly important for us to be examining the scriptures. To see if we are right with what God wants us to do.

 Lets talks about the soon coming of Christ. We need to be ready for his coming. He may come for us today and the rest of the church in a few days. It is important for us to always be ready. This page looks like the page in the very 1st lesson.
“As the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying, and giving in marriage, drinking,” etc. –disobedient to parents – unthankful, proud, unholy, All we have to do is listen to some of the music that the young people are listening to today and this all bears true. Lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof. The news of today is mostly on pleasure, with no thought of God. Our world is devastated because some pleasurable sport [sports figure] might have been distorted just a little bit. The world’s focus is not on Jesus anymore.

People are crying peace and safety, but the scripture says sudden destruction cometh. Return of the Jews to Palestine -that is happening in masses as people move back there, but God is pulling them there. Wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, famines. Just in the last month in a single 7 day period there were triple digit earthquakes - maybe 200 – in a single week. Men’s hearts failing them for fear of things to come. People don’t know what is out on the horizon, but they do know that God is doing something. God is getting ready to come. Even people that don’t know that much about God are saying, “I know something is getting ready to happen”.

I want to talk about the rapture. The word rapture is not in the Bible. It describes a phenomenon that is getting ready to happen. This phenomenon is when God comes and catches his church out of here. In I Thessalonians 4, it talks about a ‘catching away’. In Acts 1, we hear the angel say, that we are going to see the same Christ come as they seen him go. There is going to be a meeting in the clouds. This is my opinion – [this is not a heaven or hell issue] - you decide however you want but this is the way that I see the scriptures – in line with all that God has done and said throughout the earth, throughout the entire scriptures. The big picture as I see it. The rapture takes place. We are meeting him in the air. Now I know that there are some and maybe some of you that believe that we are going to suffer – that the church must suffer – with wrath of God - we call that Post- Tribulation – going thru the Tribulation. When I look at the OLD TESTAMENT I don’t see any place where God beat up his people. Noah and his wife and children didn’t have to swim and finally get on the boat. Moses didn’t have to tread the mud as they crossed the Rea Sea nor did they suffer all the plagues of Egypt. Lot didn’t have third degree burns all over his body when he finally gets out of Sodom and Gomorrah. No, God brought him out before the fire fell. There was a time of testing before and then God pulled his group out and then poured out his wrath upon the world for that particular setting. So my friends, the wrath of God is going to happen. We certainly want to miss that. Serving Jesus Christ is not about missing the wrath of God, it is about making the joys of heaven. When the rapture takes place there is going to be a 7 year period in which God judges his church. This is a great time frame. A time frame where God passes out rewards according to what you have done. Some of the parables suggest, I will make you rulers over this many cities or that many cities. Also it is during that time that the wrath of God is being poured out upon the earth. Also the Anti-Christ is having his rule and reign on the earth in that 7 year period. I’ll look at that later in the lesson.

In heaven, during this 7 year period is the judgment seat of Christ. I think this is where people get mixed up when they are looking at the scriptures in this line. This is not the second coming of the Lord. This is where He meets us in the clouds. His second coming is where He sets his feet on Mount Olivet. He actually comes back to the earth a second time. But there is a meeting in the clouds where He catches his bride away. There is a time of celebration. I know some that say that happens immediately following when He comes back to the earth. That seems a bit ridiculous that we would leave the earth momentarily, jump on horses and come right back with him. What about the celebration-the wedding supper? What about the honeymoon? There is a honeymoon in the heavens. There is a time of rejoicing with Christ in heaven and a time of judgment on the earth where the wrath of God is being poured out. Let’s look back at the Red Sea while they were rejoicing on one side, Pharaoh’s army was sinking and drowning in the middle. It happened while Noah and his family were riding above the flood the other people were being destroyed. While Lot and his daughters were rejoicing that they had escaped, fire and brimstone was being poured out on the city. The pattern of the OLD TESTAMENT fits – it is always the same pattern – so we can’t expect God to do anything different in the end time.

While the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is taking place in heaven, the Anti-Christ is being manifested on the earth. He sets up his kingdom to rule and reign on the earth.. The reason that the Anti-Christ is able to do this (at this time) is now the Bride of Christ is gone to heaven. If the church were here the Anti-Christ could not do anything. The power of the devil cannot operate as long as the church is here. We are in charge of this earth; we are in charge of the devil. WE can resist him! We can do all kinds of things with the power of Christ that reigneth in us. The devil’s power cannot match the Church. We give him credit for way too much power. God has the power and that power resides in us. Currently we have the power to throw the devil out of certain cities and just to think that the Anti-Christ is going to set up his rule and reign while the church is still on the earth is almost laughable. To think that God would judge his Bride and pour out his wrath out on his Bride does not fit the Old Testament pattern. There is a time of testing for all of us. There was testing of all the other groups. At the moment God is testing us. I see the world as one gigantic test field. In various parts of the earth God is bringing a group of his body that serves him thru poverty. God is bringing a group to Him in America thru economic gain . In other parts people are serving God thru Communism. All around the earth there are people who are serving God – Jesus Christ – thru various, different scenarios. So when Christ presents a bride to himself in the heavens he can say to the devil, “I have people who have served me in all manners of life”. One day soon, we that are living for him are all going to be taken out of here.

At that time the devil will be able to set up his rule and reign. There will be a mark that is given to every man after we leave. We see the preparations of that now. If you have ever been to a circus or something like that you see there is some preparation time. They come in and they set up the tents or whatever they are doing. They set up all the various things and then the show begins. Right now the Anti-Christ is being allowed to set up the numbering system. He is setting up the various things that are getting ready to happen.When the body of Christ is taken out of here, then and only then will he be able to take control of the earth because at that time God has allowed it.

Let’s talk about II Thessalonians 2:3-12. It says because they received not the love of the truth, men will be deceived. In that scripture it talks about – the deception did not come from the devil – it came from God. It said because they loved not the truth God sent them a strong delusion and they believed a lie and were damned. My friends if you have read this you have seen some truth. Let’s talk about baptism in Jesus’ name again. As you see baptism in Jesus name in the scriptures then you need to get baptized. Jesus said if you love me you will keep my commandments. Jesus didn’t say, eighteen months from now or after you have studied it out in great, great detail then keep my commandments. No, He said, “If you love me keep my commandments.” If you don’t love him you will not keep his commandments. If you understand baptism in Jesus name as scripture then you are going to do it. You are not going to wait for some later time or when I have a more convenient time. Almost thou persuadeth me to be a Christian. If you don’t act on what God has shown you then God will not show you anything more. As a matter of fact God will reduce you to being among those that are deceived. I believe, anybody who doesn’t make the rapture is going to take the mark – particularly if you have any knowledge of Christ at all, because God will send you strong delusion and you will believe the Antichrist is the Christ. You will worship him because God will send you strong delusion and you will believe that lie and be damned.

The Antichrist is ruling the earth at the same time that Christ is conducting the marriage supper of the lamb. While that is happening – while the Antichrist is setting up his rule and reign and making peace with Israel and then taking that peace away- God begins to pour out his great wrath upon the people. Remember all the instances in the OLD TESTAMENT – it was instantaneous. When God’s people were safely into their shelter then God began to pour out his wrath upon the people that were left and didn’t make it. The sun is given power to scorch with fire.

It doesn’t matter what we do for the green earth if God wants to deplete the ozone layer he will deplete it. It doesn’t matter. If God wants to bring the sun down closer he will bring it down. Great lightening, great earthquakes, great hail stones, great heartache – God will begin to pour out his wrath upon all the people. Various parts of the earth will receive it all. All across the earth great turmoil will begin to happen as God pours out his wrath in different areas of the earth. Rivers turn to blood, grievous sores, and talk about the AIDS virus now that is just a dot compared to what God will do when He begins His wrath. The medical system will be overrun with problems. The food system will be overrun with problems. The earth will be in great turmoil.

The Antichrist in the middle of all that will still be doing his thing and saying that he is God. The kingdoms of the beast will turn to darkness. God will do what he wants to do with many other plagues that will come upon the earth at that time as God pours out his wrath because they are worshipping the beast. They will say that He is the Christ. Many, many, many will die as a result of that. While that is happening we are dancing, shouting, celebrating around the throne in heaven as God is handing out rewards there. Oh what a wonderful time it will be to be in heaven and escape the wrath of God as he pours it out upon the earth.

The end of lesson 9.  God bless you!

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